Do you remember that kid on the block that always had the neighbourhood over to play? That one kid who always had the fun things to do and something good to eat – it was always a good way to spend the afternoon.  Well, I was that kid.  I had always thought I would grow up and plan the most exotic parties – well that didn’t happen.

Instead, I landed in the world of public relations where I churned out press releases and wrote about exotic events, but rarely attended them.  Along the way, I realized that the events held for hundreds and thousands of people that I promoted, were really not all that fun. They were often so big, you didn’t get a chance to really meet or talk to anyone and the food wasn’t all that great.  I realized that smaller events resulted in bigger and better experiences.

I’m no longer in the world of public relations.  Now, I live in a small house and love to entertain.  While I’m still doing a 9-5, I truly would prefer to be in my tiny kitchen creating some good food and entertaining some great friends.  When I’m not doing the cooking, I have also discovered that some of the smaller restaurants in the City have some of the biggest flavours.

This blog – part of a class project -has allowed me to share what I truly enjoy – cooking, eating and entertaining.  I realized that not all events need to be ‘ginormous.’  You can really enjoy some big events in some smaller spaces.   And I plan to enjoy life – one small bite at a time.  Care to join me?